Bringing People Together With An Outdoor Kitchen

As the summer approaches, residents of the Northeast look forward to sunny afternoons spent entertaining family and friends while relaxing in the backyard.  Of course, a summer party is not a party without great food and cool spirits.  The best way to keep your company outdoors on a beautiful day and not miss any of the festivities yourself is by installing an outdoor kitchen if you don’t already have one.  Beautiful in design, these outdoor amenities offer dramatic looks and grant you the ability to spend more quality time with your guests and serve an amazing meal, all while enjoying the great outdoors.

Unlike many of the warmer states where the summers are too hot and people are looking to escape into a climate-controlled space, residents of the Northeast can’t wait to spend their free time enjoying time outside when temps start to heat up.  You can easily turn your yard from boring to the best yard on the block – the one where everyone wants to be.  All it takes is a local contractor who can put a design plan together to fit your taste and budget in order to create a beautiful and functional cooking, eating and entertaining space.  You can go as small and compact or as big and grand as you want.  An array of appliances and amenities are available for almost any budget.

For smaller spaces, a straight line or corner design is usually preferred, including a grill, a sink and a food prep area.  The more space you have, the more amenities you will be able to accommodate.  If space is not an issue, you can go all out.  Designing a large outdoor kitchen complete with grill, sink, refrigerator, cabinets and even a pizza oven will make your yard into the spot your family and friends love to gather.

The finishes you choose will dictate the look and feel of the outdoor space.  To create a true focal point, natural or cultured stone, block and stucco are popular finishes.  For a more streamlined look, you may consider concrete, brick or stainless steel.  Your contractor will work with you to choose an appropriate layout and finish for your new outdoor space.

If you are truly looking to transform your yard, speak to your contractor about adding additional entertainment spaces using matching or complimentary building materials.  Adding a patio, dining area, island, or fire pit will give the feel of a real oasis and can be seamlessly coordinated with your new kitchen space.

If you are interested in having an outdoor kitchen and entertainment space designed and installed, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Budget – There are a lot of options for finishes, appliances and amenities available. Keep your space requirements and budget in mind when planning your design.
  • Lighting – Make sure that you plan for ample lighting. The proper lighting will create just the right ambiance when the sun goes down and will allow the chef to be able to cook well after dark.
  • Utilities – Contact the authorities to locate gas, water and electric lines if needed. Make sure utilities can be added where you want them if they are not already there before completing your design.
  • Weather Protection – Space permitting, consider adding a pergola or alternative form of protection from the beating sun or an unexpected afternoon rain shower.
  • Contractor – Find a local contractor that is experienced and has a good industry reputation for outdoor kitchen design and installation. Request that they provide recent customer references and ask to see photos of recent projects completed.


For more information about the design and installation of an outdoor kitchen or entertainment space, contact Millenium Stoneworks in Colts Neck, Holmdel, and Rumson NJ and Staten Island at 732-519-1112.

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