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Millenium Stone Works offers on-site assembly and custom gabion wall construction for both residential and commercial customers.

Millenium Stone Works offers gabion retaining wall (rock cages for retaining walls) construction in Colts Neck, Holmdel and Rumson New Jersey, and throughout Monmouth County. Gabion walls are an effective retaining wall system alternative when structural retaining walls are required. Gabion wall installation can be adapted to suit any size, shape and slope, and can be customized to fit all applications. They are a great structural support option when dealing with unstable ground or when hydrostatic pressure is present, since they allow very little resistance to water.

During gabion wall construction, gabion baskets are assembled on-site and can be custom built to accommodate any layout requirements. Gabion baskets, which are empty wire containers made from corrosion-resistant gabion wall materials, are fastened together to create the layout of the primary gabion structure design of the retaining wall. The containers are then filled with stone to create the wall, stop erosion and stabilize the surrounding ground.

In addition to their residential and commercial usage as supportive retaining walls, gabion walls can also be used for creek and river bank protection, channel linings, flood control, slope protection and along roadways. They are also useful as gravity retaining walls, with the weight of the gabion wall itself serving as the means to resist the pressure of earth or water that is pushed laterally against it. This creates a solid support structure that can be used under almost any circumstances.

Millenium’s NJ gabion wall contractors are experienced in designing and installing gabion wall systems to meet the varying needs of both residential and commercial applications. Let us show you how our gabian wall construction services can meet your structural support requirements.

Gabion Wall Construction

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Gabion Wall Services

  • Gabion Wall Installation – Gabion walls can be installed to meet the structural support needs of almost any type of application.
  • Gabion Wall Baskets and Fill – We assemble wire gabion baskets on-site to meet specific design needs and provide all stone fill material to complete gabion wall construction.
  • Commercial and Residential Gabion Wall Construction – Gabion wall design can be customized to meet any size, shape, slope and location.

Gabion Wall Service Areas – We offer gabion wall construction services in New Jersey.



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