Care And Safety Of Outdoor Fireplaces and Firepits

Outdoor fireplaces and firepits can add a great deal of enjoyment to a backyard space.  They provide an ideal location for socializing with family and friends or enjoying a quiet evening alone or with that special someone.  Useful no matter what the weather is outdoors, these amenities especially come in handy on cool evenings, once the sun has gone down and the temperatures drop along with the rays of the sun.  They are also enjoyable even on days or nights when it may otherwise be too cool to spend much time outdoors, since temps can remain toasty around the fire.

If you already have an outdoor fireplace installed, or you are thinking of having one built, it’s important to keep in mind a few safety tips, as well as some care instructions so your new structure lasts for many years to come.  Of course, as with any open flame, you’ll want to make sure that you never leave children or pets unattended around the fire.  It is also important that you ensure that no flammable materials are placed in proximity to the flames, and that no materials can inadvertently fly into the fire due to a gust of wind.

Aside from the usual care that needs to be taken to avoid something catching fire, you’ll also want to be sure that you’re only burning materials that are safe for use in your outdoor fireplace.  If you have a gas model, there should be nothing added to the firebox at all.  If your model is wood-burning, only burn hardwoods that are considered safe to burn.  Do not use the firebox for burning anything that can be dangerous or toxic, or that can allow the fire to burn out of control.  Therefore, you should keep any type of accelerant away and should not throw things like laminated paper, plastic, chemicals or similar items into the flames.

You should also keep a fire screen in front of the opening to avoid wayward sparks from igniting something nearby.  This is especially important outside as opposed to indoors since even a gentle breeze can carry a spark and ignite a nearby tree or other object.  If you have people sitting close by the fire, it will also better protect them from being burned.

When it comes to carrying for your outdoor fireplace, there’s not too much you need to do.  If you have a gas version, you’ll just need to make sure that the gas is turned off when not in use and that no materials are placed inside the firebox while the gas is burning.  For wood models, you’ll have to periodically clean out the ashes and over time may also have to clean the flue.  Just be sure that ashes are completely cool and are no longer burning before you remove them, since there are times when it looks like the fire is out but there are still some hot ashes lurking within the pile that can ignite or burn you when disturbed.

Care and safety for firepits is virtually the same as it is for outdoor fireplaces.

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