How To Combine Beauty and Functionality When Planning Outdoor Design

If you are lucky enough to be a homeowner, then you are also likely lucky enough to have a patch of land right outside your door to call your own.  Whether your property is small, or large enough to field a professional football game, you’ll surely want to be able to enjoy the space as much as possible, especially when the weather is nice.

There are many ways to enhance your outdoor space in a way that combines both beauty and functionality.  The key is to first think about what you would like to be able to do outdoors, and from there, to create a comprehensive plan that combines what you want to be able to do with what you want the space to look like.

For example, if you love to entertain family and friends in your home, and love to bring the party outdoors whenever you can, you’ll likely want to incorporate some type of patio or deck into your outdoor design plans.  This will provide a functional space for sitting, standing and dining that will keep people off the grass.  When it comes to design or beauty, you have numerous options to choose from, starting with the size and shape of your finished addition and incorporating such elements as the types of materials used, as well as any accessories or enhancements you may wish to add, such as lighting, railings and so on.

If you love the idea of outdoor cooking, your patio may want to incorporate a full outdoor kitchen or simply a convenient place to place an outdoor grill, as well as a table for dining.  Outdoor kitchens can be relatively simple and can be centered around the grill itself, or they can be as elaborate as any indoor kitchen design, with everything from multiple appliances to attractive countertops, storage areas, and more.  You can even have a customized pizza oven built, allowing you to make authentic old-world style pizzas, as well as other delicious recipes cooked over natural wood.

For homeowners that like to enjoy their outdoor space as the sun goes down or even on those not-so-warm days, an outdoor fireplace or firepit can add both beauty and functionality.  These amenities can be designed with the homeowner’s aesthetic tastes in mind and can be built as stand-alone structures or in conjunction with a patio, pool surround or other design element.

Of course, other major additions to an outdoor space, such as an inground pool, can greatly enhance the enjoyment of an outdoor space while adding to the value and beauty of the property.  Additionally, elements like garden ponds, gazebos and pathways can further add to the overall design and functionality of the space.

The key to creating the perfect outdoor oasis, combining both beauty and functionality, is to first decide what functional elements you would like to enjoy in the space and to then work with a professional that can help you create the aesthetic finishes that fit with your overall vision.

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