How To Design The Perfect Landscape

Although this time of year often has people thinking of anything but how their landscape is going to look when the holidays are over and the ground begins to thaw, the key to the perfect landscape design is to start early and take some time to determine what you really like (and don’t like) so you are not making decisions on a whim as you are faced with a design presented to you by a professional landscaper or landscaping contractor.

If you are starting from scratch by creating a brand new landscape design outside of your home, or even if you’re just modifying what’s already there by adding a few new elements or changing out things that are no longer working for you or meet with your liking, it’s the perfect time of year to start thinking of what you envision your ideal outdoor space to be.  Not only will this leave you better prepared to choose just what you want, but let’s face it – thinking about features such as a new patio or garden pond, colorful plantings or interesting outdoor lighting at a time of year that you may otherwise be stuck indoors due to the weather can be a real pick me-up.

Once you’re ready to get started, the first thing you should consider is the scope of your project.  For this, you’ll have to determine what and how much you want to do in order to transform your outdoor space.  Many people overlook the importance of this critical first step, only to find out later that they’re in way over their heads because during the planning and design process, one thing can quickly lead to another and before you know it, you’ve bitten off a whole lot more than you were planning to chew.

This leads to another important point.  Discuss your budget with your partner, family or anyone else that may be vested in how much will be spent on your new landscaping endeavor.  If you are honest with yourself now about what you would like to do and are willing to spend, you can keep things realistic during the planning stages.  Otherwise, you may find yourself dreaming of the moon and the stars, even though all of those incredible things you are hoping for take you far out of your budget.

The next thing you’ll need to do is prioritize.  Even if you went through steps one and two as outlined above, you’re still likely to find yourself wishing for more than you can actually afford to implement.  If you can prioritize the elements that are most important to you, it’ll be easier for you to make some tough decisions when you have to.  For example, if a stunning patio complete with a dazzling outdoor kitchen is at the top of your wish-list, you may be willing to forego the garden pond or more mature trees that don’t quite fit in the overall budget.

By taking some time before the landscaping season begins to give some deep thought to what you want your dream outdoor space to look like and entail, as well as to consider what you are willing to spend and what is most important for you to accomplish, you’ll go a long way towards designing the perfect landscape to suit all of your needs and desires.

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