Outdoor Fireplaces Make Great Gifts For Dad

Tired of looking for a unique gift that will please dad and show him how much you care?  This year, why not get creative and give dad something he’s sure to enjoy all year long – an outdoor fireplace!  If you have a father, husband or other special man in your life that enjoys spending time outdoors (and who doesn’t?), why not skip the mall and instead hire a contractor to build him a custom fireplace that is sure to warm his heart.

Outdoor fireplaces can be built just about anywhere that you have space on your property.  They can be built as a standalone structure, in a quiet corner of the yard where there is some solitude and privacy, or they can be built in conjunction with other outdoor amenities such as patios, pool surrounds and outdoor kitchens.  No matter where they are built, these structures are sure to quickly become gathering spots when friends and family come to visit, or can be enjoyed solo or as a couple on a cool summer evening.

The sky is virtually the limit when it comes to how you want to design this outdoor attraction.  Material choices can vary widely, and the material chosen will have a big impact on the overall look of the fireplace.  You can choose brick for a traditional look, stone for an upscale and elegant feel or even concrete for a sleek and contemporary design.  The only thing that any two fireplaces need to have in common is the creation of a firebox that is made to hold the combustible material and can withstand the heat and some type of chimney to allow the smoke to escape.

In addition to selecting a material choice, you can also get creative with how you want the structure designed.  You can have a small, basic structure built that serves its purpose but is relatively low cost and does not take up much room, if you’re under monetary or space constraints, or you can have a large expansive area built that comes complete with a hearth to sit on, areas to store wood and even adjoining structures that blend seamlessly into the rest of your outdoor décor.

Another option to consider is whether you want the outdoor fireplace to be wood-burning, or if you would rather it run on natural gas.  Both options have their benefits and drawbacks, and knowing what the gift recipient would prefer will help you make your decision.  If you think he’ll like the crackling of the fire as the wood pops and flares, along with the smell that can only come from burning wood, then wood is the way to go.  However, this type of fireplace requires the periodic purchasing of logs (or cutting up off fallen trees) and is generally reserved for longer burning fires.

If, on the other hand, you think dad would simply like to flip a switch without having to haul logs, clean out embers or put out the fire when heading indoors, then gas may be the way to go.  This also allows him to turn the fireplace on for just short periods of time while outdoors without having to commit to a longer burning fire until all the wood has burned.

Having an outdoor fireplace built for dad this year may not only be one of the best Father’s Day gifts you’ve ever given him, but it will also be one that the whole family can enjoy for many years to come.

For more information about building an outdoor fireplace, contact Millenium Stoneworks at 732-519-1112 or 347-723-6990.

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