Proper Drainage Is Critical To Preventing Water Damage

There is no substance on earth that can result in as much damage or wreak as much havoc as water.  When water is not adequately managed on a property through proper drainage, a number of problems can result.

Water in and around homes and buildings can lead to basement flooding, foundation slippage and mold formation, among other problems.  Standing water can also lead to flooding, puddling, insect infestation and the development of low spots in the ground.  In fact, water that does not properly drain can result in a host of problems to both the interior and exterior of buildings, as well as hardscaping features and the ground itself.  That’s why it’s so imperative that any problems with drainage be quickly and effectively addressed.

When it comes to tackling issues with water, a preventative drainage design is critical.  Of course, this is an aspect of land management that must be taken into consideration when a property is first developed, but over time, even a well designed plan may need some tweaking to keep things operating properly.  Grading is one aspect of water management design that must be addressed, but so too is how any additional water will be handled.

Most homes and buildings have a comprehensive system of gutters, leaders and downspouts to handle any water that falls from the sky and then hits the roof.  This system is intended to collect the water and funnel it down and away from any building structure so that it does not seep into the ground in close proximity to the foundation, where it can cause interior flooding or even foundation slippage over time.  Over time, gutters and downspouts may need to be repaired or adjusted to continue to properly do their job, or it may be determined that no matter how effectively they do the job they are intended to do, additional drainage solutions are still required to handle water on the property.

When that occurs, there are a number of solutions that can be considered, including French drains, trench drains and surface drains, among other types of water management solutions.  These are some of the more common options, however.  The key to any of these solutions is making sure that the system is well-designed and installed properly so it most effectively handles the removal or movement of water.

Additionally, water can be managed through re-grading of land to take care of any issues that arise with pooling water due to the slope of the ground.  Some ways to combat these issues include the construction of retaining walls or the building up of beds around homes and businesses that gently slope away from the structure, rather than towards it.

If you have any issues with water in your home or business, whether inside the building or outside on the property, the issue should not be ignored.  Drainage issues typically don’t rectify themselves and can lead to a host of problems, as well as potentially dangerous situations, so make sure you take care of any issues with water drainage as soon as you notice them.

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