Summer Is A Great Time To Enjoy Your Pizza Oven

Summer brings with it many enjoyable moments, but one that many homeowners in the Northeast especially enjoy is the opportunity to eat outdoors while taking advantage of warmer temperatures.  Not only is eating outdoors a coveted summer activity, but being able to cook outdoors is a big bonus.  While most of us use our grill countless times over the summer to enjoy typical outdoor fare, there’s nothing like changing it up for a new spin on food cooked outdoors.  That’s where outdoor pizza ovens come into play.

Having a pizza oven built in your backyard greatly adds to the countless opportunities you have for creating a scrumptious meal outside without ever having to heat up your kitchen.  Not only do these specialized ovens create fabulous food, but they provide you with an alternative to the traditional method of outdoor cooking – throwing something on the grill.

Although the name indicates that pizzas are the primary food to be cooked within, pizza ovens can be used to create fabulous dishes that go far beyond your typical pizza-shop fare.  Of course, there are loads of variations you can concoct to transform your basic pizza into a delectable work of art, but not everything that is cooked inside these ovens has to begin with a dough base.

The sky is virtually the limit for the types of food that you can cook in your outdoor pizza oven.  The benefits of this cooking method are that food cooks under high uniform heat and flavors can be enhanced by the addition of cooking with wood.  If you’re at a loss for what to make in your outdoor oven, simply do an online search to find some interesting recipes, grab a cookbook or rely on some tried-and-true family recipes that have satisfied hungry eaters for generations.

One of the beauties of cooking with this amenity, in addition to the most obvious one which is that your kitchen doesn’t have to heat up when temps are already soaring outside, is that prep and clean up are a breeze.  If your oven is only one part of an outdoor kitchen area, you can even have all your food prepared outside while still being able to enjoy your company, the fresh air and all that is going on in your own backyard.  If food is prepared outdoors, it’s also likely to be easier to clean-up when the meal is over.  Worst comes to worst, all you’ll have to do is to grab a hose at the end of the night and rinse everything off.

Not only are pizza ovens an amenity that can be enjoyed throughout the summer, but just like other types of outdoor cooking vehicles, like a grill, they can provide you with the opportunity to make mouth-watering food all year long.  This holds true whether the weather is conducive to dining al fresco or you have to make a run for it after removing the food from the oven to head indoors because temps and weather conditions are less than ideal.

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