Take Care Of Drainage Problems Before Winter Rolls Around

While we have been lucky enough to enjoy a relatively mild summer this year with only modest amounts of rainfall, there are few people in New Jersey and New York that can forgot the long, cold, snowy winter we endured last year.  Although we all dread another winter like the one we experienced in 2013-2014, the “experts” are calling for another cold and snowy season this year.

Snow means water, and as that frozen precipitation starts to melt, homeowners who have drainage issues have something to worry about in addition to the back-breaking labor or shoveling snow.  Water that does not properly drain can result in seepage in basements, crawl spaces and garages, causing flooding, ruining personal belongings and contributing to the growth of mold and mildew.

The consequences of water that seeps into the house from outdoors can be devastating, but even drainage issues that result in standing water that remains outdoors or improper runoff can cause problems.  For example, standing water can lead to slips and falls, areas of mud or the dying off of grass or plants, and can also be a magnet for insects and pests.  On properties in which water does not properly drain, runoff can lead to erosion, causing walkways and driveways to crack or landscaping to be destroyed, as well as resulting in other negative consequences.

Fortunately, most water problems can be solved with effective drainage solutions.  The type of solution needed for any particular property will depend on a number of factors, including the reason for the issue, the characteristics of the property and other aspects that may affect how effectively water can drain.  In some cases, a full drainage system may need to be installed to solve a problem, while in others the building of a single retaining wall or the re-routing of gutters and leaders is all that is required to avoid any issues.

Homeowners who are concerned about potential water issues on their properties or around their homes should consult with experienced drainage contractors to discuss the best possible options for solving any moisture concerns.  Companies like Millenium Stoneworks can provide a variety of solutions to meet the needs of those with water problems both large and small on residential or commercial properties.  We have been effectively handling drainage concerns on NJ and Staten Island properties for many years.

In some cases, our experienced professionals can solve your water and moisture issues with simple solutions such as re-grading land or modifying existing landscaping elements.  If more in-depth solutions are needed, such as the installation of French drains or the digging of trenches, we can provide that level of service as well.

If you detect that you have a potential drainage issue, do not ignore it.  Water can wreak havoc if problems are not addressed and this is one issue in which it is definitely best to address any minor problems before they become major issues.

For more information about the drainage solutions available from Millenium Stoneworks in NJ and Staten Island, call 732-519-1112 or 347-723-6990.

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