The Many Aspects Of Landscape Design

If you are considering a new landscape design around your home or business, you may only be thinking about the greenery that will soon surround you, such as trees, plants, grass and flowers.  However, there is far more that goes into an effective design than just the living elements.  When planning your overall design, all aspects of the outdoor space should be taken into consideration during the planning process.

Of course, one of the most critical elements of an attractive landscape design is the landscaping itself.  You’ll want to consider all of your green spaces, not only related to things like where they will be located, how large the spaces will be and what will fill the area, but also factors such as what plantings are native to the area so they will thrive in the climate and soil, as well as how you can achieve a beautiful scene with minimal work.

In addition to the living elements, you’ll also want to work in some non-living elements as well.  These include features such as patios, walkways, steps, retaining walls, fireplaces, pools and kitchens, among others.  While you may think of landscaping as only the green and colorful elements that grow and bloom, these hardscape design elements will be critical to your overall outdoor design.  Consideration of how each element will fit in and blend with surrounding features will make for the most attractive and seamless design.

You’ll also need to consider some aspects of the design that will happen “behind the scenes”.  For example, when planning your overall space, you’ll need to keep in mind any potential drainage issues and may also have to address any need for grading, leveling or excavation.  If you hire a professional, you can expect him or her to deal with these not-as-fun aspects of the planning process, but nevertheless, addressing any issues, concerns or needed tasks at the early stages of the design process will make for a more efficient and effective installation and will prevent you from having to deal with headaches and nuisances that may otherwise arise after the fact if these potential pitfalls are not considered early on.

The key in coming up with the most attractive and functional landscape design is to incorporate your overall style, the size and shape of the space, the climate in which you are installing the landscape and various factors affecting the property.  You’ll also want to consider not only elements that will make the outdoor space beautiful, but also those that will increase the functionality and livability of the property.  Of course, it’ll also be nice to know that anything you decide to implement will also improve the property’s value, although this should just be an added bonus to anything you decide to do for your own enjoyment.

There are many aspects of effective landscape design and the key is to address as many of them as possible during the initial stages of the planning process so you come out with an end product that not only looks well thought out and blends seamlessly with the surrounding elements, but that will also not cause any undue surprises after installation.

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