The Many Uses For Bobcat Services

Whether you are a professional landscaping contractor, operate a construction business or are a homeowner, you are likely to encounter a project that may require Bobcat services.  This type of equipment has a wide variety of uses and can make easy work of what would otherwise be difficult or even impossible manual labor.

There are so many reasons that you may want to rent a Bobcat, and the good news is that if you rent this equipment from a company like Millenium Stoneworks, the equipment comes with an experienced machine operator to ensure that your job is handled properly and safely.

Here are some of the uses for Bobcat rentals:

  • Excavation – The ground can be excavated for leveling, removal of hillsides, installation of foundations or swimming pools, etc.
  • Digging – Holes can be dug for footings, landscaping, posts, pools and fencing.
  • Back-filling – Dirt can be back-filled for grading and leveling purposes.
  • Grading – Terrain can be graded by moving and dragging materials from one area to another.
  • Leveling – For landscaping and construction projects, the ground can be leveled as desired.
  • Trenching – The equipment can create trenching for water and electrical lines, irrigation systems and drainage systems.
  • Clean-ups – Landscaping and construction debris can be cleaned up and deposited in trash containers or moved to another location.
  • Landscape removal – Dirt, trees, bushes and debris can be removed from land in anticipation of a landscaping or construction project.
  • Debris clearing – Easily carry away debris following land clearing and other clean-ups for removal purposes.
  • Other clearing – Whether you need to remove snow, dirt or sand, this equipment can get the job done.
  • Unloading of materials – Materials can be transported to a desired location and then unloaded as necessary.


There are some of the projects the equipment can be used for:

  • Foundations – Excavation, digging, grading and backfilling aid in the construction of foundations.
  • Basements – Land can be dug and excavated for the construction of basements.  Back-filling of dirt can then be done for grading purposes.
  • Pools – The ground can be excavated for the installation of in-ground swimming pools and surrounding land can be leveled and graded for landscaping and hardscaping projects.
  • Retaining walls – Ground can be excavated for the construction of retaining walls and materials can be moved into place.
  • Driveways – Old driveways can be broken up and removed, if necessary.  Land can be graded and leveled for the installation of new driveways.
  • Sheds – Old sheds can be removed and hauled away.  New sheds can be put into place and land can be graded around the structure.
  • Concrete and asphalt – Areas of concrete and asphalt can be broken-up and removed, including patios, walkways, driveways and roadways.
  • Landscaping – From digging and grading to removing trees or breaking up patios, Bobcat services can be an integral part of any landscaping project.
  • Sewer and drainage systems – Land can be excavated and trenches can be dug to lay pipework for sewer and drainage systems.
  • Ditches and holes – These can be excavated and dug in any size and depth to support a landscaping or construction project.


For more information about Bobcat rentals in NJ or Staten Island, contact Millenium Stoneworks at 732-519-1112 or 347-723-6990.



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