5 Ways to Enjoy Your Backyard

When summertime hits, many people in New Jersey and New York turn their sights on hitting the beach or going down the shore. While you can spend some great times enjoying the sand and the surf, you’ll also likely encounter lots of traffic on weekends and crowds. If a quiet day or evening at home is more your speed, here are five ways you can enjoy your own backyard so you don’t need to get in the car and hit the road.

How to enjoy your backyard this summer:

  1. Eat outdoors. Whether you have a gourmet outdoor kitchen or just a simple grill, there’s nothing like the taste of food cooked outside.  It’s an added bonus when you can also eat outside, enjoying the fresh air and the carefree attitude that being outdoors brings. Get in the habit of enjoying family dinners outside instead of heating up the kitchen.  Invite some friends or neighbors over for a potluck dinner or a festive barbecue. Or spend a quiet night dining alfresco with the one you love.
  2. Brighten up the space. Filling your yard with colorful and fragrant flowers and bushes can really add to the enjoyment of your outdoor space. If you have a green thumb, you can research the types of plants and flowers that will thrive in the local climate and plant things yourself.  Otherwise, enlist the help of a landscape design specialist to plan and plant things for you. You can fill beds with beautiful plantings, or if you just want to add a touch of color here and there, simply head to your local nursery or home improvement store for planters that are already filled.  All you need to do with those is place them where you want them to go – and make sure you don’t forget to water them!
  3. Stay out all night. No need to run indoors when the sun goes down. If you have adequate lighting outside you can stay outside as long as your eyes stay open. If the weather turns a bit cool, an outdoor fireplace or firepit is the perfect place to gather round to keep warm and have some fun.
  4. Build a patio or deck. Don’t have enough useable space to really enjoy your backyard? Consider installing a new patio or deck. There are plenty of materials to choose from and these structures can be built in just about any shape or size to meet your needs.
  5. Add some water. Sure, it won’t quite be like the rolling waves at the shore, but water anywhere has the power to relax us. Install a garden pond for a tranquil area in which to unwind.  Add a bird fountain.  Or incorporate a water feature into your overall backyard design for a touch of aqua therapy!


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