Designing A Landscape To Fit Your Home

Just as you furnish and decorate the interior of your home to create a specific look and style, the exterior of your home is greatly enhanced and the style set by the way your property is landscaped. Landscape design is a key element that adds to the beauty and curb appeal of any home, and the features you choose can dramatically change the look and feel of your property.

When it comes to landscape design, there are many factors that go into creating a cohesive look. The most pervasive is usually the lawn itself and the health of the grass that covers it. Additionally, flower beds, plants, trees and flowers have a big impact on the overall design, and when most people think of landscaping, these are the aspects that they consider. Of course, the types of trees that you have planted around your yard, as well as the shape of the flower beds and what is planted in them have a big effect on the look of your yard, but there are other features to consider as well.

In addition to the living aspects of your design, mainly the grass, trees, shrubs, plants and flowers, the hardscaping elements of your property make a big impact on the overall look and feel of your property. For example, the shape and materials used for any walkways, patios and driveways can change the whole look and feel of the outdoor space. Also, things like fences, garden ponds, water features, decks and pools can greatly affect the landscape design. Another key aspect is the outdoor lighting, which can change the way your property looks once the sun goes down and can add drama and subtlety to an already beautiful daytime design.

If you are starting from scratch, you can create each aspect of the design to specifically suit your tastes and the overall look you are trying to achieve. However, unless you are moving into a new home or are completely tearing apart the existing landscaping by excavating the property and removing anything that already exists, you usually have some features that you have to work with, or work around, in order to create the look you desire.

The first step in designing a landscape to fit your home is to determine which existing features will stay and which need to go. Once you know that, you can create any new areas around existing features and can figure out the best way to incorporate those features into your overall design plans.

Another thing you have to consider is your budget. While it is nice to design the landscaping of your dreams with no consideration of cost, the fact is that unless you have an unlimited budget, you may be setting yourself up for disappointment when it is time to turn design into reality. One good thing when it comes to budget, however, is that it is relatively easy to design in stages so that you can do different aspects of the project at different times, spreading out the cost over time.

Although your overall landscape design may have a number of different features, including the installation of walkways, retaining walls, flower beds, lighting and more, it is best to have the entire design created at the outset so you can determine how to best create a seamless flow from one feature to another, even if various elements are being installed at different times or by different contractors. This will better ensure that the end product meets your desired expectations.

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