Outdoor Kitchens Enhance Outdoor Living

Custom MailboxesVirtually nothing can enhance the enjoyment of your home’s outdoor living space more than the installation of a new outdoor kitchen. Just as the kitchen is the heart of the home indoors, kitchens very often take center stage in outdoor living areas and add to both the beauty and functionality of the space.

Outdoor kitchens can run the gamut from a simple area with a barbecue grill and an area for dining to a space that rivals even the most luxurious of indoor kitchen areas. Some people opt for interesting amenities, such as pizza ovens and built-in outdoor bars, while others are more interested in having loads of space for food preparation and storage. To add even more ambiance, some designs even include extras like outdoor fireplaces or fire pits, or coverings such as a gazebo or covered patio area.

The good news is that there is no “right” or “wrong” way to design a kitchen for use outdoors. Just as is the case inside the house, each person has a different set of priorities, as well as varying parameters within which the design has to work, such as the amount of space available and the budget. But the amenities don’t need to be elaborate or grand to be useful and enjoyable – even the simplest of designs can add to the outdoor entertaining and family dining activities you enjoy throughout the year.

If you are considering having a new outdoor kitchen designed and installed, here are a few things to consider before you embark on the project:

  • Budget – Before you start thinking of the kitchen of your dreams, consider what your budget will be to create this outdoor space. Knowing in advance what you have to work with will prevent you from being disappointed because you fall in love with features and options that you simply cannot afford.
  • Space – Decide how much space you are willing to allot, as well as where you would like the area to be located. This is a good time to determine whether your kitchen area will be connected to an already existing space, such as a patio, or if it will be one aspect of an overall new design. Sharing this information with an experienced contractor will allow them to provide you with the best advice and design ideas when you get together for your initial consultation.
  • Amenities – There are so many options you can include in your design, from grills to pizza ovens and from ice makers to refrigerators. Knowing what you must have and what you would like to include if space and budget allow will provide you with a priority list of features to be incorporated into your kitchen.
  • Dining and Seating Areas – When designing, it is important to consider where you will place any dining or seating areas in relation to the kitchen amenities. This should be included in your overall design from the outset so that any structures, such as a patio, gazebo or bar can be worked into the overall design.
  • Materials – When it comes to the materials you want to use to create your outdoor kitchen, you have much to choose from. Hardscaping finishes can run the gamut from brick and stone to granite and concrete, as well as many others. The selection of materials you choose for your project will have a big impact on the overall look, feel and design of the space.
  • Landscaping – To get the most enjoyment, the surrounding landscape should be considered and designed to provide added beauty and privacy to your space.

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