Discount On Retaining Walls and Gabion Walls Offered To Hurricane Sandy Victims

Retaining walls and gabion walls reinforce the earth in order to prevent against flooding and erosion, as well as to stabilize sloped areas.  Unfortunately, during Hurricane Sandy, even homes that had solid retaining walls and gabion walls in place, whether to protect their homes from the infiltration of water or to simply serve as a landscaping feature, watched as those walls were destroyed due to the impact of the storm.

There is much to rebuild in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, and at Millenium StoneWorks, we want to make the process of rebuilding retaining walls and gabion walls a little easier on victims of the hurricane.  That’s why we are currently offering a discount to anyone affected by Hurricane Sandy that is in need of having a retaining wall or gabion wall built, rebuilt or repaired.

For over 20 years, we have been building structural and decorative retaining walls and gabion walls in Staten Island and in New Jersey, including many areas along the Jersey shore.  Our customers were some of the hardest hit during the storm and we know that there is much to rebuild.  While we can’t help with the rebuilding of everything in the path of Hurricane Sandy, we can offer our expertise in an area that we have a great deal of experience.

The retaining walls and gabion walls we build offer much-needed stabilization of soil and serve a very functional purpose.  The good news is that we not only build wall systems that do their intended job well, but we build walls that can also enhance the overall look of a property and blend seamlessly into the landscape.  We can create retaining walls that look great and that add dimension and interest to the look of your exterior property.  And of course, we can build walls that can protect your home or business from everyday ravages of the environment, including water, drainage and erosion.

Are you not sure if you need a retaining wall or a gabion wall?  That’s okay!  We’ll come out to your property to survey what needs to be done and will provide you with the best options to meet your stabilization or landscape design needs.  Retaining walls and gabion walls serve the same basic purpose, with the primary difference being how the walls are constructed.  Gabion walls are generally utilized when heavy structural support is required and are great for flood control and resisting water infiltration, whereas retaining walls can be used for structural support or simply to enhance the architectural design of landscaping.

We build retaining walls from a variety of stone, pavers and blocks, including natural stone, boulders, concrete block, stone veneer, poured concrete and pavers by companies such as EP Henry, Allen Block or Techo-Bloc, among other materials.  Gabion walls are built by assembling what are referred to as gabion baskets, which are wire containers that are made from corrosion-resistant materials.  These baskets are then filled with stone to complete the construction of the wall, resulting in a very strong and solid retaining wall.

For more information about our retaining wall and retaining wall construction, or to inquire about the discount we are offering for victims of Hurricane Sandy, call us at 732-519-1112 or 347-723-6990 or use the contact form on the side of our website and we will get back to you.

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