Has Drainage Become An Issue For You This Winter?

While we can gladly say that we have survived a less-than-monumental winter season this year, we’ve still had our fair share of snow, rain and flooding concerns in the New Jersey and New York area.  If drainage concerns keep you up at night, or even if they don’t but you know that poor drainage is something you need to address, now is the time to think about how you’re going to handle this potentially damaging problem.

Issues with poor water drainage on and around your property are nothing to ignore.  All you need to do is talk to one person that has had an incidence of flooding in their home and you’ll realize that it’s worth doing anything you possibly can to avoid ever having to deal with flooding after the incident occurs.  This is not to say that every person that notices areas of poor drainage will potentially have a problem with flooding within their home or business, but if you know there’s a problem, it’s better to address it while it’s still relatively minor and easily fixable rather than waiting until it turns into a much bigger, and more expensive, headache.

To get started on tackling a water problem, a drainage specialist can come out to assess any issues you may be having with areas of poor drainage or standing water and will provide the most appropriate solution to meet your needs.  In some cases, all that is needed is for your gutters and leaders to be properly cleaned, sealed or redirected because otherwise the water may be directed too close to the house and can eventually seep into your basement or walls.  Other water issues may require more extensive solutions, such as the installation of a French drain, trench drain or other type of drainage system.

If it is discovered that the slope of your property is to blame for your drainage issues, you may have options when it comes to how to handle the problem.  As mentioned, a drainage professional may recommend that you have a specific type of drainage system installed to handle the flow of water on your property.  It may also be recommended that you address any concerns with the slope of your property by re-grading the land or installing a retaining wall.

Water is not something to ignore if it doesn’t go away quickly once it falls from the sky or if you notice it causing any type of damage to your home, business or property.  When drainage or standing water are of concern, it’s best to have a drainage specialist assess the situation and provide you with advice on the best way to tackle the problem before it causes more extensive damage.  Handling any concerns while they are still relatively minor will save you lots of headaches and money over the long term and will avoid your property being damaged beyond repair.

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