Was Your Business Prepared For Winter Storm Jonas?

Winter Storm Jonas dumped record or near-record amounts of snow on the Northeast.  Despite what began as a relatively mild winter, many businesses, residents and municipalities were left this past weekend to dig out under huge mounds of snow.  If your business or property was left out in the cold, unprepared to handle the impact of winter weather, it may be time to rethink your plans for how you will handle subsequent snowfalls and icy conditions.

While many homeowners can handle their own personal snow removal needs, the needs of mid to large sized businesses, as well as property owners, residential complexes, office buildings and shopping malls, often have to rely on commercial snow and ice removal services.  It’s impractical for businesses and property managers to have the amount of equipment and manpower on hand that is needed to tackle large storms, and in many cases, even small amounts of winter precipitation.

Removing snow from an area larger than a residential driveway typically requires the use of large snow plows.  And thinking you can just flag down the guy plowing the street is impractical because plow drivers already have more work than they can handle when a storm rolls into town.  That’s why it’s important to plan ahead so that you have a contract with a company that will make you a priority when your roads, lots and sidewalks need to be cleared following a snowfall.

In addition to plowing copious amounts of snow when Mother Nature delivers a storm as big as the one we just experienced, you also need to make sure that roadways, parking lots and pathways are safe for vehicular and pedestrian travel no matter how little icy precipitation falls.  That means you will likely require that salt or sand be spread in order to maintain traction and to keep everyone safe.

Icy sidewalks, slick parking lots and impassable roadways not only pose a safety hazard to anyone that needs to travel on them, but they can also negatively impact your business.  For one, people will not venture out to areas where they feel that they may be in danger of slipping and sliding or getting their car stuck.  Additionally, you can face serious liability issues if someone is injured on your property due to your negligence in not getting surfaces cleared and safe in a timely manner.

Professional snow and ice removal contractors, such as those at Millenium Stoneworks, make it their mission to keep properties accessible and as safe as possible throughout the winter.  We have the proper equipment to get the job done effectively, as well as trained personnel that can make sure that snow and ice removal is completed safely and in a timely manner.

Don’t be left out in the cold the next time Mother Nature delivers.  Be sure that you are prepared to meet snow and ice removal safely, effectively and quickly so your business can proceed as usual.

For more information about the commercial snow and ice removal services offered by Millenium Stoneworks in NJ and Staten Island, call 732-519-1112.

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