How To Winterize Your Patio

While temperatures are still warm enough to enjoy days and evenings spent outdoors, it won’t be long before Old Man Winter sends us inside.  Now is the perfect time to enjoy as much time as you can savoring the cool crisp autumn air while viewing the changing colors, but it’s also a good time to do some prep work so that your outdoor amenities are well-prepared to weather the coming season.

The good news is that if you have a patio, there’s not a ton of work you have to do to keep your favorite outdoor space in good condition all year long.  For the most part, patios will weather well in any weather, as long as you take a few basic precautions to keep things at their best.  If your patio is constructed from brick, pavers, stone or another material made up of individual pieces, you’ll just want to make sure that everything is securely in place before the cold weather and ice rolls into town.  Any spaces that allow water to seep underneath can then freeze and that freezing can lead to cracks and further dislodging of sections of the patio.

If your patio is made from concrete, you’ll also want to address any cracks before winter rolls in.  This is especially important if you have a solid poured concrete slab, since water can seep into small cracks and then freeze when temperatures dip, turning those small spaces into more severe cracks that will potentially ruin your slab or require major repairs.

Other than dealing with any potential issues that can lead to cracking due to freezing water, all most patios need before the end of the season is a good cleaning so that dirt and grime are not sitting on top of stone or concrete for months on end.  Spring is the best time to do a really thorough cleaning to prepare your patio for outdoor use, and that’s probably the most ideal time to use a powerwasher, but for now, even a good cleaning with a hose and a stiff brush will suffice to get most of the surface grime off so it’s not sitting there all winter long.

You’ll also want to take some time to get items on and around your patio ready to brave the coming months.  If you have a place to store outdoor furniture, like a shed or a garage, you may want to remove it to a secure place so it’s not sitting out exposed to the elements throughout the winter.  If you don’t have room to store furniture or it’s too heavy to move, heavy-duty outdoor furniture covers will protect the furniture from snow and ice.  It’s best to give all furniture a good cleaning before you put it away or cover it so that dirt and grime are removed rather than sitting there for months in contact with the furniture.  If there are cushions on the furniture, those should be brought indoors or stored in a shed or garage and should also be thoroughly cleaned before doing so to remove spots and stains so they don’t set in.

Doing a bit of prep work now will keep your patio, as well as the items on and around your favorite outdoor space, in good condition so that when spring rolls around, you’ll be ready to enjoy them all once again.

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