It Really Is Possible to Have Your Own Indoor Wine Cellar

If you consider yourself a wine connoisseur, then visiting the wine cellar at your favorite restaurant is most likely a highlight of going out to dinner.  The wine has been aged perfectly, is the precise temperature and somehow seems to taste better, as if the cellar itself holds some kind of mystical power.  Although that might be pushing it a little far, wine storage areas more than just a beautiful space, but have a very important function as well.  Indoor cellars are designed to store your selection of wine at the correct temperature and humidity levels so that the wine ages properly and delivers the best taste.

If you think you can’t get this same experience at home, you may be mistaken.  Many homes in the Northeast afford the perfect space to install a personal wine storage area– the basement. Unlike picking the perfect room in the house for your office or den, location is of critical importance when it comes to your indoor wine cellar.  The basement is an optimum location because there is no direct sunlight.  If your home doesn’t have a basement or it is already designed and furnished to suit your needs, try to choose an area on the main level that does not get direct sunlight, such as a dim alcove or shady corner that will be able to maintain constant temperature and humidity.

With today’s advanced lighting technology, once built, the space can be well lit with the use of low heat LED track lighting and back-lit shelving, adding to the desired ambiance while making sure that no damage is done to your treasured wine collection.  The space will need to be properly insulated with vapor barriers so that temperature and humidity levels are well maintained. Cooling and ventilation systems will also need to be installed so that your space functions optimally.

After you’ve decided to install an indoor wine cellar, and have found the perfect spot in your home to situate the amenity, you will need to decide on what you want it to look like and what “feel” you want it to evoke.  Building materials should be chosen that maintain the proper environment while also providing the aesthetic you desire.  Local masonry contractor, Millenium Stoneworks, specializes in the design and construction of indoor wine cellars in New Jersey and Staten Island, providing clients with cellars that are as beautiful as they are functional.  Whether above ground or below, with a large or small design and a modern or “old world” aesthetic, Millenium uses only quality materials and offers the same level of expertise when building these personal havens as with the other quality services offered.

With the progressive design elements in many of today’s homes and more homeowners looking to exhibit their one-of-a-kind wine collection, elegant storage areas that serve as proud displays have become a popular trend.  The addition of this coveted amenity will be sure to add functionality, beauty and value to your home, not to mention being the envy of friends and family.  The experts at Millenium Stoneworks can create the indoor wine cellar of your dreams – all you need to do is to supply the wine!

For more information about the design and construction of custom indoor wine cellars, contact Millenium Stoneworks in  Colts Neck, Holmdel, and Rumson NJ and Staten Island at 732-519-1112 or 347-723-6990.

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