Wood-Fired Pizza Ovens Bring the Taste of Italy Right to Your Door

Although it is said that traditional Neapolitan-style pizza was created in Italy sometime during the 18th century, it became quite popular in America after soldiers stationed in Italy during WWII returned to the US.  Pizza has now become an iconic dish in America, with its popularity rivaling the hot dog and the cheeseburger, with both professional and home cooks looking for ways to recreate a truly authentic taste.

In more recent years, you may have noticed more and more restaurants offering specialty pizzas cooked in custom wood- or coal-fired pizza ovens.   These ovens maximize the heat storage capacity within, resulting in even cooking, low fuel consumption and a pizza that tastes like it was delivered straight from Naples.

Traditionally, only restaurants were able to deliver the taste acquired from cooking in a custom-built pizza oven.  Home cooks were regaled to using a pizza stone in a conventional oven, or trying their hand at grilling the pie on a barbeque grill (easier said than done).  Masonry companies, such as Millenium Stoneworks, have been designing and constructing these custom ovens for top restaurants for decades and are now finding that more clients are looking to have their very own equipment incorporated into their indoor or outdoor home kitchens.  Home cooks are looking to try out family recipes and to create a few new ones of their own in order to capture that old-world taste.  Pizza-making has also become a top contender for easy dishes to make with the kids.

Millenium Stoneworks has created some of the finest wood-fired pizza ovens available to residential homeowners, restaurants, caterers and bakeries in Staten Island and New Jersey.  Custom designs can be constructed from a large variety of materials including brick, concrete, clay and cast iron.  Choosing the materials for your new oven will depend on the desired look and feel that you want to achieve.  No matter the materials you choose, however, the new design will most likely become the main attraction of your home or business.

Large or small, professional or residential, Millenium uses top quality materials including refractory fire bricks, refractory cement and heat-resistant mortar to create a thick cast body combined with an outer insulation shell.  This type of construction will maximize the thermal mass, providing more even cooking and an exceptional taste.  Keep in mind that you can make more than just the perfect pizza in your new oven.  In no time at all, you will be making your own flatbreads, paella, fired wings and even roasted fruit.

Whether you want to install your pizza oven as the focal point of your backyard or incorporate it into an overall outdoor kitchen design or hardscaped entertainment area, Millenuim Stoneworks provides the highest quality construction to ensure superior functionality and exceptional cooking performance.

Now, instead of heading out to your favorite Italian restaurant when you’re in the mood for the authentic taste of Italy, you can simply invite friends and family into your home for fresh food made in a custom wood-fired pizza oven – you and your guests will be happy you did.

For more information about the design & construction of custom pizza ovens, contact Millenium Stoneworks in Colts Neck, Holmdel, and Rumson NJ and Staten Islandat 732-519-1112 or 347-723-6990.

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