It’s Not Too Late To Install Hardscape Elements

If the end of summer and beginning of fall has you thinking of heading indoors, don’t forget about all the time you still have to plan and install hardscape elements to enhance your yard.  In fact, fall is the perfect time, whether you are hiring a contractor or going it alone, to do some long-awaited work outdoors to improve the look and functionality of your outdoor space while also adding to your home’s value.

With cooler temperatures and a less hectic schedule, now is a great time to get to some of the tasks on your to-do list or to move forward with your wish list.  Contractors are typically less busy at this time of the year and may not only be willing to give you better pricing on your outdoor hardscape projects but will likely also be able to get the job completed more quickly while providing your job with their undivided attention.

So what types of projects can you consider having installed at this time of year?  Just about anything you can think of can be installed now, as long as it’s done before the first frost sets in.  Many homeowners consider projects such as adding a new patio or including an outdoor kitchen to an already installed patio.  Other projects that are popular at this time of the year include the installation of outdoor fireplaces and firepits, as well as walkways.

There’s really no reason not to have installation of these types of hardscaping elements done at this time of year.  For one, you can get a better idea of what the finished project will look like amidst your landscaping when it is in full bloom.  When projects are planned over the winter for an early spring installation, it may be difficult to envision what various elements will look like in conjunction with living features such as plants, trees and flowers.  By being able to better visualize the living elements surrounding the non-living elements, you’ll have a more complete vision and can make small tweaks to your design if necessary to maximize aesthetic appeal.

Not only will you be able to better visualize your entire project but you may also be able to take advantage of clearance sales on the materials you’ll need to complete your hardscape projects.  Since fall is considered the end of the season, stores are often looking to unload any materials they still have left so they’re not sitting with inventory all winter long.  You may not have as many options to choose from, but if you find materials you like, you’re likely to get them at a good price.  Your contractor may also have access to materials that you cannot get on your own, so don’t feel like you’re choices are too limited if you don’t see much sitting on store shelves or lots.

Once your outdoor hardscape project is completed, you’ll still have time to enjoy your new feature even though temperatures are falling.  There’s nothing like spending some time outside on a new patio enjoying the cool, crisp air or cozying up by a roaring fire.  If you install a kitchen outside, you can use the amenities just about all year long to prepare food, even if the weather is not cooperative enough to eat outdoors.

So this fall, rather than turning your thoughts to days and nights spent indoors, take advantage of the benefits of planning and installing hardscape elements outdoors instead.  You won’t be sorry you did!

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