Make The Most Of Your Patio

Patios are one of the most versatile and well-used amenities added to residential homes throughout the Northeast.  With so many options available when it comes to the design, size, shape and materials used, the sky is virtually the limit when creating an outdoor entertaining space that not only provides the functionality you desire, but also can greatly enhance the overall look of your outdoor space.

Why are patios such a popular addition to homes in the area?  For one, they add a great deal of usable space to backyards.  Most structures are built right outside of an access door, making it easy to get to from the indoors.  That means that your yard’s most accessible and usable space is often selected as the prime candidate when deciding where to build a patio.

Additionally, since you can create the space to effectively meet your needs, you have a lot of leeway in how the space is designed.  For example, if you have a large backyard and want to create a roomy area for relaxing, dining and entertaining, you can have a contractor design a space that is as expansive as you would like.  In contrast, if space is at a premium on your property, there is no reason why you still can’t have an attractive and usable patio installed.  Large or small, you’ll enjoy the functional space for years to come and can adapt the design to meet any constraints that may exist when it comes to space or budget.

Depending on the layout of your property, you can also adapt the design to seamlessly integrate with the natural elements that already exist in your yard.  For example, if you have a sloped backyard, you may want to consider a multi-level structure to take advantage of the sloped area while still providing loads of usable square footage.  Not only does this type of design address changes in elevation in your yard while providing you with a way to use the space no matter what the level, but it also adds interest to the visual design.

When it comes to amenities, you also have a lot to consider during the initial building phase or can add to an existing structure easily down the road.  For example, if you enjoy cooking and dining al fresco, you may want to consider incorporating an outdoor kitchen area into your patio design so that you can take advantage of the features and amenities you’ll most enjoy while outdoors.  If, on the other hand, you love to be surrounded by fragrant and colorful flowers, you can easily add planting beds around the edges of your structure.  If there’s a tree that exists where you want to build, you may even be able to build right around the living focal point for an interesting look.

The key to making the most of your patio is determining how you want to use the space, as well as what type of look you are trying to achieve.  The style can vary drastically depending on the materials used to design the structure, from natural stone or bricks to poured concrete or pavers.  Of course, the choices you make will also affect your budget, but no matter what type of spending limit you are working with, you should be able to create a patio that you and your family will enjoy for years to come.

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