Summer Rain Leaving You With Drainage Problems?

Heavy downpours and torrential rains are a common occurrence during summer months, as heat and humidity build and storms roll in from across the country.  When so much water falls in a short period of time, it can exacerbate any potential drainage problems on your property, making existing issues worse or simply drawing your attention to problem areas you didn’t know you had until a deluge of liquid brought the issue to your attention.

Although no one wants to have to deal with drainage problems, they should not be ignored.  Areas that are prone to the collection of water can lead to much greater issues over the long term, such as a ground that becomes unstable or begins to sink, standing water that attracts mosquitos and other pests, or even leaks and flooding that can get inside your home.  That’s why it’s important to take care of any problems once you see that they cannot be easily rectified by a DIY remedy or a few days of dry weather.

If you notice areas of standing water or locations around your property that remain soggy and soppy even after the surrounding areas start to recover from a recent rain, it’s time to call in a specialist.  Drainage contractors can provide you with recommendations about how to best handle any grading or drainage problems and will likely advise you on whether you need to have some type of system installed to handle the movement of water away from problem areas.

One of the most common types of solutions that homeowners invest in is a French drain that is installed around the perimeter of the home.  This is done in order to whisk water away from the foundation so that it does not sit and cause seepage, the development of mold or flooding concerns.  Other types of systems may also be recommended to handle issues affecting other parts of your property.

While we all require water to survive, and the living organisms around our yard thrive with occasional sprinkles or even downpours, there is certainly a point where too much of a good thing is not such a good thing anymore.  Not only can you run into problems, as mentioned earlier, such as seepage and even indoor flooding, but water can lead to slippery areas that can become dangerous to navigate or can erode areas of your property.

Water falling from the sky is often a welcome sight during the dog days of summer, but if that liquid gold hangs around long after it should, it’s time to call a drainage specialist to provide you with some advice about how to address any water problems before they become a major headache.

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