What Options Do I Have When Designing A Patio?

If you are lucky enough to be having a new patio designed and installed, you may be faced with more choices than you can handle and might not know where to start in determining what you want.  There are numerous options to consider, and since this aesthetic and functional addition to your backyard will be there for many years to come, it’s worth taking some extra time now to ensure that the finished product meets all of your needs and desires.

One of the most important considerations for your patio is deciding on the location.  In some cases, this is easy because there is a logical spot that is already flat and is itching for use as a functional space.  These features are often set right near a back entry into the house, either leading from a kitchen or family room, although you can position the addition anywhere you see fit.  Some people prefer their patio to be situated near the pool, within a garden, or off to the side in a more secluded spot of the yard.

In conjunction with the location, you will also have to determine the size and shape of the finished design.  This may be dictated by the constraints of the property or the location you have chosen, or you may have free reign to make the finished area as large or small as you wish.  You can also opt to choose a design using a geometrical shape, such as a square, rectangle, circle or oval or you may prefer a free-form design that flows more freely in conjunction with the surrounding landscape.  Keep in mind that you don’t need to simply look at how the current land is laid out right now, because excavating, grading and leveling can be done to provide you with the usable space you need to meet your project design’s parameters.

As you’re deciding on the size and shape of the space, you’ll also want to consider what type of materials will be used to build the patio.  Here is where you can really start to get creative in the design, with options ranging from bricks, pavers and natural stone to poured or stamped concrete, among other materials.  The material you choose will go a long way in setting the overall look and feel of the outdoor space you will soon be using for relaxing and entertaining.

You’ll also likely want to consider any extra features that can serve to really finish off your patio design with pizzazz.  For example, you may want to incorporate benches for extra seating or planters to brighten up the space.  Additionally, you may want to build the space in conjunction with a kitchen, fireplace or other amenities that will add to your outdoor enjoyment.  Features such as exterior lighting and the surrounding landscape should also be considered during your initial planning phase to better ensure you get the finished results you are hoping for.

When it comes to designing and installing a patio, you have many options to consider.  Each choice you make will serve to make the outdoor space uniquely your own in both looks and functionality and will provide you with an area in your backyard to enjoy for years to come.

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