How Concrete Can Enhance The Beauty And Functionality Of Your Home

When most people think of concrete, beauty is not exactly the first thing that comes to mind.  This industrial looking material is typically associated with less-than-beautiful amenities such as roadways, walkways, driveways, slabs and other commercial applications.  However, there are a number of uses of the material around the outside of homes that can not only enhance the functionality, but the beauty of your home as well.

Take, for example, the backyard.  Concrete can be used to construct a versatile, durable and functional patio.  If money is tight and you can’t afford expensive stonework, you can still enjoy all of the benefits by having a slab poured.  Additionally, stamped concrete provides a look that rivals the look of more expensive stone, block and brickwork without the equally hefty price tag.  This provides you with a winning look without draining your wallet.

You can also design numerous outdoor features using blocks made from the material.  For starters, that patio that we were just describing can be designed and constructed in an interesting pattern, shape or size with block.  You can also have walkways, steps or walls built out of the same material.  In fact, concrete is a very functional material for use in the construction of retaining walls, and having these walls built can not only solve issues such as drainage and soil erosion, but can also add to the visual interest of the overall exterior landscape by creating varied levels where amenities or landscaping can be placed.

Another application for this durable exterior material is around pools.  Many NJ homeowners with pools have concrete pool surrounds installed due to their durability and usability.  This allows for the development of a surround that can be designed in any shape or form, as well as any size, and that can seamlessly flow into surrounding walkways or other exterior elements.  It’s also a cost-effective option.

In addition to using this material on its own to build exterior features that withstand the elements and the test of time, concrete can also be used as a base for building other outdoor amenities to add strength and function, as well as to lower the overall price of the application.  For example, if you want to have a fireplace built outdoors, it can be constructed out of this material and molded into just about any shape to provide the strength and fire protection needed, but if you want to add a “wow” factor to the design, the exterior façade can be covered by veneer so that it looks like the entire structure was built from stone or brick.

There are many applications for concrete when designing, building and installing outside features, and the beauty and functionality that this versatile material offers to homeowners should not be overlooked.

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