Concrete Installation Should Be Completed Before The Cold Sets In

October 17, 2014

Concrete is one of the strongest and most versatile materials to use for outdoor construction projects.  Whether you are interested in having a pathway installed in your backyard or need to put in a new driveway, this material can provide you with the strength, durability and resilience you need to last for many years, even…

Take Care Of Drainage Problems Before Winter Rolls Around

October 13, 2014

While we have been lucky enough to enjoy a relatively mild summer this year with only modest amounts of rainfall, there are few people in New Jersey and New York that can forgot the long, cold, snowy winter we endured last year.  Although we all dread another winter like the one we experienced in 2013-2014,…

How To Care For Outdoor Pizza Ovens

October 8, 2014

Outdoor pizza ovens can provide an opportunity for you to enjoy delicious, authentic old-world style food.  Of course, most people love this amenity for the scrumptious pizza that it creates, but there are many other yummy foods that can be cooked inside the oven with mouth-watering results.  If you are one of the lucky ones…

Retaining Walls Improve More Than Just Runoff Issues

October 3, 2014

Do you have a sloped area in your front or backyard that is resulting in a water problem every time it rains?  If so, it may be time to consider the installation of a retaining wall to stop the runoff of water and the resulting issues it creates.  This simple fix can not only solve…

Is It Time To Install An Outdoor Fireplace?

September 29, 2014

With cooler weather looming on the horizon, now is the perfect time to consider installing an outdoor fireplace.  Even though we can still enjoy some warm days ahead, temps often cool during the evening hours and those cooler temps don’t need to signal a time to head indoors.  For those who have an outdoor fireplace…

Fall Patio Care

September 22, 2014

One thing you may want to do at this time of the year is to take care of any weeds that may be growing between stones, bricks or blocks.  To do this, you may find it easiest to spray a weed killer on live weeds and then to give them a chance to shrivel up and die before then pulling them out from the roots.

Fall Is The Perfect Time To Transform Your Outdoor Space

September 17, 2014

With only a few days left of summer and the kids back to school, all thoughts begin to point towards the change in seasons that’s upon us.  For residents of NJ and NY that have enjoyed the sand and the surf all summer long, fall may signal an end to outdoor fun.  However, even though…

The Many Aspects Of Landscape Design

September 5, 2014

If you are considering a new landscape design around your home or business, you may only be thinking about the greenery that will soon surround you, such as trees, plants, grass and flowers.  However, there is far more that goes into an effective design than just the living elements.  When planning your overall design, all…

Use Professional Bobcat Services For Your Construction or Landscaping Project

August 30, 2014

Whether you are a homeowner interested in tackling a DIY landscaping project or a professional contractor that requires excavation during a construction project, using a Bobcat to get the job completed properly is something that is best left to the professionals.  Bobcat services are generally available by the hour, the day or the project to…

It’s Not Too Late To Install An Outdoor Kitchen

August 24, 2014

As the summer draws to a close, your mind may begin to wander to more indoor pursuits, but the fact remains that there is still plenty of enjoyable weather days still on the horizon.  For those who love the taste of outdoor cooking and enjoy entertaining family and friends, it’s never too late to think…

Add Some Outdoor Entertainment To Your Backyard

August 20, 2014

There’s nothing like spending time outdoors during the summer months, or just about any time of the year, but even for those who have created a backyard sanctuary, entertainment such as that which can be accessed indoors is also still desired even as the fresh air and beautiful scenery are enjoyed.  The good news is…

Hardscape Elements Add Visual Appeal And Functionality

August 6, 2014

When planning an outdoor design, it’s important to incorporate hardscape elements in with the living features such as grass, trees, shrubs and flowers in order to create a seamless design that not only provides visual interest, but added functionality as well.  Hardscaping refers to anything outdoors that is not living – so primarily anything you…