Designing The Perfect Wine Cellar

Whether you’re a wine lover who dreams of having the perfect wine cellar at home or a restaurant that wants to ensure that wine is stored optimally for maximum taste, there’s nothing like having the perfect wine cellar designed and installed.  While you may dream of just what you want your storage area to look like, there’s more that goes into a good design than just the aesthetics.  Factors affecting temperature and humidity levels, as well as storage capabilities, are equally as important.

One aspect that you need to consider when designing your perfect wine cellar is where the space will be.  Many people choose to have the area placed in the basement where temperatures and humidity levels are naturally more amenable to storing wine.  However, with the proper insulation, ventilation and cooling components, you can have a wine cellar built just about anywhere that you want and have the extra space.

Another component that needs to be considered when coming up with the design is how you are going to store your wine (and how much you plan to store).  The overall design will contain elements impacted by shape and size, as well as how much storage you need, what type of shelving you desire and other similar factors.

There are also a number of factors that need to be figured out during the initial design phase, although most of these will not affect the aesthetic features of your wine cellar.  However, a professional will be able to advise you of your options and how varying choices will affect the overall function and effectiveness of your wine cellar.  These factors include things like the type and amount of insulation used in the walls of the space, the installation of a vapor barrier and the type of ventilation system that is used.  You’ll also have to consider how any installed cooling system affects temperature and humidity levels, since these are both critical to creating a perfect wine storage space.

Additional features will not only impact the aesthetic elements of the space, but will also impact the proper functioning.  One such element is lighting, which can be one of the most impactful ways to create an inviting and ambient environment.  It is also critical that any lighting used does not negatively impact the overall temperature and/or humidity levels so that wine quality is maintained at all times.

Installing a wine cellar in your home or business can add to the enjoyment of your space while also providing much-needed storage for prized bottles of wine.  Although not typically considered a “necessity”, the unique space can add intrigue and interest and can also improve the value of a property.  Additionally, if you are someone who loves wine, it can become the most beloved space in your home.

The key to building the perfect wine cellar starts with proper design.  It is best to work with an experienced professional who can guide you in selecting the right elements to create the ideal aesthetics and function all wrapped into one.

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