Fall Patio Care

If you have a patio installed outside your home and have been enjoying it all summer long, it may be time to start thinking about what you need to do to care for it now that fall has arrived and winter will soon be on its way.  The good news is that unlike decks, which often require periodic staining, painting or sealing to keep them looking their best, patios generally require minimal upkeep to keep them looking great and in tip top condition.

One thing you may want to do at this time of the year is to take care of any weeds that may be growing between stones, bricks or blocks.  To do this, you may find it easiest to spray a weed killer on live weeds and then to give them a chance to shrivel up and die before then pulling them out from the roots.  When initially installed, most contractors will lay some type of weed block material that will help to prevent weeds, but over time this protection can lose its effectiveness so you may have to be more diligent in getting rid of weeds in cracks and spaces.

Now is also a good time to clean up your patio if it has been some time since you have done so.  A simple hosing down or powerwashing is generally enough to get rid of any dirt and stains and can even remove any moss build-up on areas that may be prone to moisture or remain in the shade.  If water is not enough to get rid of stubborn stains or moss, you may need to use a cleaner and a bit of arm strength to loosen the debris before it is washed away.  One thing that’s important to note if you opt to use a powerwasher is that you need to take care not to use too direct or strong a spray or you may dislodge any individual pavers, bricks or stones or can knock out sand or other filler material that sits between the individual components to keep them in place and to prevent weeds from growing.

Once you have removed your weeds and have cleaned up the patio, you may find that you need to supplement any sand or filler material in the cracks that may have been washed away or that has deteriorated over time.  In most cases, you can just get a couple of bags of sand from your local home improvement store and then can sprinkle on what you need, using a broom to sweep and push the sand into the crevices that need filling.

If you have plants, now may be the time to bring them indoors or to remove them from planters.  Furniture should be cleaned and then either covered or stored in a garage or shed, if possible.  Other than that, there’s really not much more to do to get your patio ready for the coming season and the approaching winter.  With all that extra time on your hands, it’s worth taking a bit more time to enjoy your outdoor space for as long as you can before temps really start to dip!

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