Is It Time To Install An Outdoor Fireplace?

With cooler weather looming on the horizon, now is the perfect time to consider installing an outdoor fireplace.  Even though we can still enjoy some warm days ahead, temps often cool during the evening hours and those cooler temps don’t need to signal a time to head indoors.  For those who have an outdoor fireplace or firepit, cooler evenings are a welcome occurrence as crisp, fall air is enjoyed among the blazing embers.

If you have always longed to have a place to keep your hands toasty while outside or to simply create a gathering spot on cool days and evenings, installing some type of fire feature outside can really enhance the enjoyment of your backyard.  The good news is that this type of feature is relatively simple to add to outdoor spaces of just about any size, since they do not require a lot of room.  And if you are unsure of the best look or design to consider, professional design experts such as those at Millenium Stoneworks can help.  We have been designing fire features for homeowners in New Jersey and New York for years and can provide you with just the look and feel you desire.

Aside from determining where you want your outdoor fireplace installed, you’ll also get some ideas on what type of materials you can choose from.  In addition to traditional brick, you can select from natural stone, stone veneer or even concrete.  The sky is virtually the limit when it comes to the style you want to create with your new addition.  Fireplaces are as at home in a sleek modern backyard design as they are in a backyard filled with cozy, country charm.

For those who already have a patio installed, the fireplace can be incorporated into the space or you can opt to have a separate area designed and built to house your fire feature and any necessary seating.  Many homeowners prefer to have the fire feature in close to proximity to where they do all of their regular hanging out or entertaining so it’s easy to just add a roaring fire to add to the ambiance whenever they desire.

If you prefer not to have an upright structure built but still like the idea of sitting around a cozy fire, you can also opt to have a built-in firepit installed.  These are becoming increasingly more popular as they allow people to sit around all sides of the fire while still being able to see each other and converse, rather than being a more one-dimensional feature.  These amenities can also be built in a wide variety of materials and can be designed in just about any shape or size.  Additionally, they can be installed in almost any location and fit in even the smallest of spaces.

If you have always been dreaming of having an outdoor fireplace or firepit installed, now is the perfect time to consider adding one to your backyard so you can enjoy the cool outdoor air that is about to arrive alongside your fabulous new feature.

For more information about outdoor fireplace and firepit design and installation in NJ and Staten Island, contact Millenium Stoneworks at 732-519-1112 or 347-723-6990.


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