Ideas For Designing An Outdoor Kitchen

If having an outdoor kitchen has long been on your wish list, you may have visions swirling around in your head of what the exterior space will entail.   There is a wide variety of options to choose from when it comes to designing your dream kitchen outside, and many of the typical constraints of indoor kitchens do not apply when it comes to determining what you want in your outdoor space.

We’ve put together a few tips and ideas below for you to consider when you design your outdoor kitchen.

Ideas For Outdoor Kitchen Design:

  • Cooking – The first place to start when thinking about what you want to put in your kitchen space outdoors is the type of cooking surfaces you want to include.  Most people, of course, want an outdoor grill, although the type of grill that is included can vary widely from person to person.  A simple standalone grill works fine or you can design an elaborate surround with a built-in grill within the midst.  The grill can be fueled by charcoal, a portable propane tank or you can have a gas line installed to supply fuel to the grill so you don’t have to keep replacing tanks.  Depending on the type of food you like to prepare, you may also want to include a smoker, additional burners for cooking other food outdoors, or even a pizza oven.  The sky is the limit and the cooking apparatus you choose to have installed should reflect the type of cooking you like to do.
  • Food Storage – While most people won’t opt to include as much food storage capacity as they have inside their homes, if you like to spend a lot of time outdoor cooking or preparing food, you’ll likely want to include at least a small refrigerator and possibly a few storage cabinets.  Fridges also enhance entertaining ability by housing cold beverages that guests can grab while sitting outside whenever thirst strikes.
  • Counter Space – Having enough counter space is critical to any kitchen space, but when you only occasionally cook outdoors, you may only need a small amount of space to hold platters or food that is on its way onto the grill or has just been completed.  However, if you have the space, there is never such a thing as “too much” counter space and some people also opt to include areas along the counter where you can put stools to eat, relax and enjoy.
  • Additional Amenities – The types of amenities you include in your exterior kitchen will be determined by your vision, your budget and the amount of space you have.   There is a wide variety of additional amenities you can include in your outdoor design, ranging from wine coolers, ice makers and microwaves to outdoor TVs and sound systems.  Some amenities will require that you have a covered area to protect appliances and equipment, while others can be placed anywhere you would like.  Design elements like outdoor bars, dining space and even an outdoor fireplace can enhance the enjoyment of time spent in your outdoor kitchen area.

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