Bobcat Services

Serving New Jersey & Staten Island

Millenium Stone Works offers Bobcat Services for both residential and commercial customers. Our expert machine operators and bobcat rental services are ready to help you tackle even your most challenging tasks.

Millenium Stone Works provides bobcat services in Colts Neck, Holmdel and Rumson New Jersey, throughout Monmouth County and in Staten Island for both residential and commercial applications. Millenium’s skilled Bobcat NJ operators are experienced at performing even the most challenging excavation and digging tasks. We offer residential and commercial Bobcat rental NJ services in Colts Neck, Holmdel and Rumson New Jersey (Monmouth County) and Staten Island.

We are excavation specialists and all bobcat rentals come with a bobcat operator. Our Bobcat in NJ operators have experience providing excavating and digging services to assist in all types of construction, remodeling, landscaping and repair projects. From digging basements, pools and foundations to excavating for driveways, sewer systems and landscaping, our Bobcat contractors can get the job done right. No job is too large or too small for our Bobcat equipment or our experienced Bobcat drivers and operators.

Bobcat Rental Service Areas – We offer outdoor bobcat rental services in Staten Island and New Jersey.

NJ bobcat services

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Bobcat Services NJ

  • Bobcats in NJ Rental with Operator
  • Back fill for trenches, holes, in-ground swimming pools
  • Construction and site cleanup
  • Garage and shed removal
  • Asphalt and concrete removal
  • Property cleanups
  • Land Grading & leveling
  • Digging footing, V-ditches
  • Trenching for sewers, water lines, electrical lines, etc.
  • Excavation and removal of hillsides, Dirt, Sodding.
  • Hole digging for posts, fencing, trees, shrubs, plants
  • Removal of trees, shrubs & stumps
  • Pool removal and fill in
  • Concrete break up and removal
  • Drainage- French drains
  • Retaining walls with rock, granite, boulders
  • Digging for ponds & water features
  • Snow Removal


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