Summer’s End Is Not The End Of Outdoor Kitchen Enjoyment 

If you are one of the lucky homeowners that already have an outdoor kitchen installed in your backyard, you’ve likely been enjoying your exterior amenity all summer long.  However, even though the season is soon winding to a close, there is no reason to think that you need to head indoors to cook and dine for the rest of the year.

One of the beauties of outdoor kitchens is that you can use them virtually all year round.  Even though we live in a changeable climate where it may become less-than-ideal to dine outdoors at certain times of the year, it doesn’t mean we have to stop enjoying the great taste and convenience of cooking al fresco.  Certainly, the upcoming cooler fall months are still a great time to spend time outside, both cooking and dining. If temps get a bit too chilly for eating al fresco, you may want to consider adding one of those ever-popular outdoor heaters to your exterior entertaining space so that the heat can keep you enjoying the fresh air a bit longer.  If you also have an outdoor fireplace built into your exterior entertaining space or near your outdoor kitchen or dining space, you can also get a fire going so you can not only add heat but ambiance to your outdoor meal.

Even if temps send you indoors to eat, there’s nothing like the taste of food cooked out on the grill or, if you’re lucky enough to own one, in your outdoor pizza oven.  The taste of food cooked outdoors is unrivaled and is difficult to replicate indoors.  So, even if you need to don a heavier sweater or a jacket while preparing dinner, it’s worth doing so to enjoy those tastes you love all summer long.

If you don’t already have an outdoor kitchen installed, the fall is a great time to consider having one designed and built.  As the season winds down, many contractors find themselves with more time on their hands and that is good for homeowners that are looking for someone who can really dedicate the time and attention necessary to create the amenities you have always dreamed of.

This project can be as simple or elaborate as you wish, depending on your tastes, your budget and what you’re already working with.  For example, if you already have a beautiful patio, you may simply want to add a few food prep, cooking and dining amenities to the space that already exists, without investing in a major overhaul of the space.  Even if you don’t have enough room to add all that you wish to the existing space, an experienced contractor can help you design an add-on or addition that will seamlessly integrate with any hardscape features you already have installed.

If, on the other hand, you are beginning with a blank slate, it is best to take some time to thoroughly think about what you need, both in terms of look and function.  Scour the internet and magazines to find ideas to share with your contractor or roam around the neighborhood to see if others have certain features that interest you.  Then find a contractor that is willing to work closely with you to design the outdoor kitchen of your dreams.

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