Patio Design Options

Outdoor patios are one of the most popular features requested by homeowners to improve the beauty and functionality of their outdoor living spaces.  By designing a patio area, whether it is directly outside of the kitchen door, is positioned around a pool or hot tub, or is tucked away in a quiet corner of the yard, homeowners have a dedicated space to sit, relax, dine and entertain.

When it comes to designing the space of your dreams, you have many patio options to consider.  Here are some of the choices you will need to make before you have your new patio installed:

  • Location – The first choice you need to make is where your new structure will be located.  Once you know this, it will make it easier for you to decide on the proper size and shape of the outdoor patio design.  You can have a patio installed just about anywhere in your backyard, whether it is directly outside your home, is in a garden area, is around the pool or is in any other location where you have enough room.
  • Size and Shape – Once you know where it will be located, the next step is to decide how large you want it to be, as well as the shape you would like it to take on.  No need to stick to exact geometric shapes here.  Although you can opt for a square, rectangular, circular or oval shaped, you can also choose a more free-form design that fits in seamlessly with the surrounding landscaping, hardscaping, or other outdoor features in your yard.
  • Materials – This is perhaps the biggest choice you need to make when it comes to your patio design.  There are many material options to choose from, and what you select will have a big impact on the overall look of your entire backyard design.  Some options to consider when it comes to materials include brick, pavers, natural stone (bluestone, flagstone, travertine), outdoor tile and concrete, among others.  Each material type will provide a different look and will also have different maintenance requirements as well as cost implications.
  • Associated Structures – A number of other structures can be incorporated into your overall stone patio design.  For example, if you are considering a raised patio or a multi-tiered patio, you will have steps and possibly railings or retaining walls to consider.  Some people opt for built-in planters or benches or added luxuries such as an outdoor fireplace or fire pit that is built to provide a cohensive overall design.  You may also want to consider lighting options at the time you have your patio designed so any wiring can be taken care of before installation.
  • Maintenance Requirements – When selecting the type of materials to use, maintenance requirements should be factored in to your decision.  Some materials require more regular upkeep in order for them to continue to look their best, so if you are not interested in the time or expense it takes to maintain, opt for a low-maintenance material option.  Durability should be another consideration when choosing materials.
  • Landscaping – When designing a patio, the surrounding landscape design should be considered to create a completed look that flows seamlessly and adds to the aesthetic beauty of the space.

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