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How To Winterize Your Patio

While temperatures are still warm enough to enjoy days and evenings spent outdoors, it won’t be long before Old Man Winter sends us inside.  Now is the perfect time to enjoy as much time as you can savoring the cool crisp autumn air while viewing the changing colors, but it’s also a good time to…

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Fall Is A Great Time To Take Care Of Concrete Work

Now that the long hot days of summer are behind us and temperatures are starting to cool, you may be thinking about the outdoor projects you’re still hoping to get done around your house before old man winter shows his blustery face.  If concrete work is on your list of things to get done –…

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It’s Not Too Late To Install Hardscape Elements

If the end of summer and beginning of fall has you thinking of heading indoors, don’t forget about all the time you still have to plan and install hardscape elements to enhance your yard.  In fact, fall is the perfect time, whether you are hiring a contractor or going it alone, to do some long-awaited…

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